Party Bus: A Brief Introduction

If you have ever heard anyone talk about party buses and possibly renting one but you are not sure what all of the hype is about then sit back, relax and keep reading and you will learn what it is about. In the next few paragraphs, you will discover what a party bus is and why this option for transportation is becoming so popular.

What is a Party Bus Anyway?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this concept, it is typically a normal bus. This might be a charter bus or even a school bus that has been redesigned. The seats may have all been ripped out and the bus converted into something like a massive limo. Some of these buses absolutely must be seen because a description will do them no justice. They can contain all varieties of amazing amenities and features.

Here is a quick peek at some of the awesome things that you might see on a party bus:

Fridges and even mini bars so that you have someplace where you can keep all of your drinks cold and even mix up your preferred cocktails.
Satellite TV, DVD players and TVs so that you can have visual entertainment no matter where you might be.
Lighting systems that are crazy enough to make you think that you are in a club. Everything from fiber optic lights to disco lights, laser lights and even strobe lights might be found on some party buses.
Custom sound systems that have CD players, iPod or MP3 connectivity with massive wattage and massive volume
Stripper poles and dance floors for those who like to get a bit crazy with the music
Restrooms so that you never even need to make pit stops when you are in the party zone

As it is made obvious by some of the items that are listed above, a party bus can and generally is equipped with a great number of amenities that have been designed specifically to make sure that you get a ride that is both entertaining and comfortable. In fact, the features that you see above are just a small sample of what you can expect to find on many party buses no matter where you are. In some places you can even hire a party bus that comes complete with an arcade, hot tubs or even live bands!

A party bus service is sort of like a limo service which is just an additional reason that this is such an amazing travel option. In many states it is even legal to drink alcohol when you are on board. Additionally, you will never need to worry about having to find a designated driver or calling for a cab to take you home.

When all is said and done, a party bus offers you a unique method of travel for groups of people that is coupled with an experience that is a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

A Night On The Town With The Help Of The Party Bus

It was a Friday and Jim had so many programs to solve. First, there was his friend Tim’s birthday party to attend. It was to be at the Social Hall which was a few kilometers away from his home. After that, he had to attend an all-boys outing which was beginning at exactly nine pm at a hotel downtown. This was indeed one hellishly busy night for him. If he missed either of the two events, no one would ever forgive him for it. He had to be there for both of them, yet he was only one person and could not divide himself into two.

But he was confident that it would be a fabulous night even if his schedule was “more than tight”. He made sure he booked his tickets for the party bus in plenty of time, politeness required it to be that way. This was not the first time he had multiple parties to attend on a single night as he had been in this kind of predicament before, but things had turned out fine in the long-run, thanks to the good old party bus!

He checked himself in the mirror and gasped, he looked so cool! He knew everyone would be overwhelmed with his amazing good looks. He took out his wallet, confirmed that the two tickets were still there and then like prince charming, marched towards the door. After checking the time on his watch and ensuring he still had a few minutes to burn, he took a deep breath and walked slowly towards the road. At exactly seven-thirty, the bus arrived. He climbed inside and took his seat just next to the window. He always loved to breathe in the fresh air that circulated into the bus from the open windows. As usual there was music playing on the magnificent sound system.

He reached the Social Hall and got out, thanking the chauffeur for a comfortable ride. He felt good after the journey. Nothing could ever match the comfort of the party bus. After every travel session, he never felt like getting off. Nobody would. The party bus had comfort and style, no wonder everyone loved it. It was even better than a personal car!

He reached the Social Hall just as the introductions were happening. He introduced himself and took his seat next to his best friend. After the cake had been cut and all the other customary niceties observed, it was time to give gifts to the “guy of the day”. After passing over his present, he slid out of the hall so unobtrusively that nobody noticed his early escape. He rushed to the road just as the party bus was rounding the corner.

He knew it wouldn’t let him down. Every time he used the party bus, it was sure to get there in comfort and on-time. Today was no different. He reached the all-boys party just as the event charged into top gear; what a night it was going to be, made possible and more convenient by the party bus!

The team at Party Bus are a tight knit crew who are very experienced and dedicated to their work and the tremendous value they add in providing events on wheels for their clients.

The Top Things You Should Look For When Renting A Party Bus

Party busses are all the rage these days, driving around cities all across the country and letting groups have their own private birthday, anniversary, bachelor, and “just because” parties for hours on end. Depending on the company and the style of party bus, you may get a very different experience. So what should you keep in mind when you go to hire a party bus for your next big shindig? Read below to find your checklist.

What Are The Amenities Of The Party Bus?

Not all party busses are the same. Some come with stocked bars, dancing poles, surround sound speakers with jukebox playlist, plenty of comfortable seating, and the more expensive ones even come with hot tubs! However, very few come with all of the above for cheap, so you should prioritize what you want in a party bus. Do you want to do lots of dancing? Make sure you get one with ample room. Does the hot tub appeal to you? Go out of your way to find one. Poll your friends who will be coming to your party to see what they want. The happier you and your guests are, the better the party and your experience will be.

What Are The Rates For Party Busses In Your Area?

You need to budget for a good party bus, and every company approaches rates in a different way. Many charge by the hour, but some will charge a flat fee for the night. (Make sure you know what “a night” means in the company lingo.) Also be on the lookout for excess fees that may be in the fine print. Some fees include: extra gas charge if you want to be driven to a specific place outside of the proposed zone, a cleaning fee if your party trashes the bus, and even ridiculous things like a food, drink, and driver’s fee. Make sure you read the fine print before signing up for anything. Some party busses may end up cheaper than they initially seemed.

What Are The Reviews And Reputations Of The Companies?

This is very important. Even if one party bus is cheaper all around, if it has terrible reviews of both the bus and the drivers, then you want to stay far away. Never compromise your safety to save a buck. Most party bus drivers are male, so if you’re having an all-women party you want to pay extra attention here. Also read up on the overall safety and condition of the busses. If older models are being used, you may want to move on. The last thing you should check up on is how they stand with the law – have the party busses been involved in any accidents or illegal activities? You don’t want to be caught up in that.

Party busses are a wonderful way to throw a party for your friends. They can be an interim party as you are transported someone farther away, or you can have the driver go around your city all night while you party. Either way, make sure you do your research first!

Make the Ultimate Birthday Statement With a Party Bus Extravaganza

Birthdays only come around once a year, so make your special day count with a celebration you and your guests will not soon forget. Hop onboard a San Francisco party bus to celebrate in style. These vehicles come in a wide range of sizes and styles, thus you are sure to find the bus that will accommodate the celebration of your choosing. Check out several ways that a party bus can make your next milestone a once in a lifetime event.

For the Kids

Birthday VIPs of all ages will love the many amenities of a Bay area party bus. With a first class sound and light system and plenty of space for dancing, your sweet sixteen will enjoy every minute of her big night checking out the city with her friends. You can rent the party bus to take you to a big event, like a concert or sporting event, or you can simply tour the city while enjoying the many amenities onboard. Bus packages can be tailored to any age, with young and old alike getting the most from their party bus experience.

Turning 21

Your 21st birthday should be celebrated in style and what better way to ring in adulthood than by club hopping aboard your very own San Francisco party bus. The drivers of these rigs know all the hottest spots by heart and will be happy to show you around town. Some even have agreements with the most popular clubs so your party bus package will provide VIP entry without having to wait in long lines. If you have your own itinerary in mind, check with the company before booking your bus to ensure the driver can accommodate your itinerary.

Battling the Mid-Life Crisis

Most of us aren’t too excited at the prospect of turning 30, 40 or 50, but a night on a San Francisco party bus might take the edge off. Take the bus for a spin to your favorite clubs or casinos or book one for the Sunday game. You can bring your own refreshments and entertainment along for a party your guests are sure to love. Whether you want to mourn the passing of your youth or look ahead to the next milestone with great anticipation, a Bay area party bus will help you commemorate in style and comfort.


Imagine what your best buddy will say when you show up on her special day with a San Francisco party bus in tow. A bus packed with amenities is the perfect way to surprise a friend or sibling with a birthday celebration she will remember for a lifetime. You can use the bus to take her to a concert or go club hopping for the evening. Some bus companies may even provide age-appropriate party favors, entertainment and refreshments for a nominal fee.

Top 10 Events to Celebrate on a Party Bus

A San Francisco party bus can be an excellent transportation choice for a wide variety of activities. Instead of renting a traditional limo, you can kick the party up a notch with more space and entertainment. Most buses include amenities like a sound system, plasma televisions and plenty of comfortable seating. These ten events are the perfect opportunities for chartering a party bus.

Club Hopping
Bay area party bus drivers know all the hot spots in the city, and they will help you make the rounds. Most bus services will offer club hopping packages that will include entry to two or three clubs along with plenty of onboard entertainment in between.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Give the bride or groom a night to remember with a party aboard a San Francisco party bus. You can add your own refreshments and entertainment.


Get your wedding party to the church on time in extreme style. A party bus can provide extra time for the wedding party to spend together and add another memorable element to the special day.


A party bus makes it easy to see all your favorite entertainers. The bus will pick you up at your front door and drive you right to the front of the arena or concert hall. After the concert, your driver will be ready and waiting to keep the party going on the way home.

Sporting Events

The tailgating is on the bus, and what a party it is! You avoid the hassle and expense of crowded parking lots, and those plasma televisions onboard come in quite handy for catching the pre-game shows.


Have a big birthday coming up? A San Francisco party bus can get you to your destination in high style. If you prefer, party onboard while your driver gives you a unique tour of the city.


There is simply no better way to impress the senior class than by showing up to your prom in a Bay area party bus. This party on wheels can be the perfect way to start and end your special night and parents can rest assured that kids will make it home safe and sound.


That graduate worked really hard to get where he or she is today. Why not reward them with a special trip to the graduation ceremony? Afterwards, a San Francisco party bus can be the perfect way to make the graduation party rounds.

Family Reunions

Get the clan together by hopping aboard a party bus to take you to the reunion site. You can book a Bay area party bus big enough to hold the entire crowd so that everyone gets to the reunion together.

Corporate Events

If you want to make your employees feel truly appreciated, give them a lift to the next corporate event on a San Francisco party bus. These vehicles are a great way to up the value of a holiday party or conference.

A party bus can be the perfect addition to many special evenings on the town. If you are planning a big event, consider adding a Bay area party bus to the mix. You can rest assured that your entire crowd will get to the event on time and enjoy every minute of their travel time.

Party Bus Services

Throw your party together in a convenient, safe way when you look into party bus services. Party bus services are specially created and maintained by people like you who want to have a good time and keep your big group together. Find a party bus that can accommodate your whole group and keep everyone safe.

Can’t figure out whether you should get a limo or a party bus for your incredible night out? A big part of that decision depends on the size of your group and whether you want to be limited to the low ceiling in a limousine. SUV limos can be more comfortable than the traditional limo, but let’s face it – it’s not nearly as comfortable as a party bus with its higher ceilings and more room to move around in. You have a lot more space with party bus services to get up and talk with the other people in your group, rather than being stuck next to just a few people in the limo.

Look for party bus services that have loud and bright entertainment systems that will keep the party going strong as you travel from one destination to another. No matter where you are going, with party bus services, the fun never stop as you travel from dinner to the club, concert or other location. Best of all, all of your friends can party and have a good time with party bus services and no one is stuck with the responsibility of driving everyone from spot to spot. This safety should be the top priority no matter when you and your friends party, but with the party bus services you have nothing to worry about!

Keeping all of your friends together for a night out can be a nightmare if everyone is in separate cars. With party bus services, you can keep everyone together and not lose half of your party mysteriously from one destination to the next. You can find professional chauffeurs that are there to help you throughout your party bus services. Before you book your party bus services, make sure that you are with a reliable and professional service that has fully insured and licensed drivers for your protection. Make sure that their insurance covers both the vehicle and the passengers as well. You will want roughly $1 million in insurance coverage at the bare minimum to cover your guests on your party bus services.

Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring a Party Bus

How many passengers?

A Bay area party bus may hold anywhere from a dozen to a crowd of 40. Most party buses are definitive about capacity limits, so make sure the bus you choose will be large enough to accommodate your party.

What amenities?

Amenities can vary greatly from bus to bus, so get a complete list of features before booking your San Francisco party bus. Larger buses tend to offer more, such as dance floors and bathrooms. However, smaller vehicles can pack a powerful punch in the amenity department as well. If you have specific features you are looking for, make sure you inquire directly.

How many vehicles?

By asking a party bus company how many vehicles it has on the road, you can get an idea of the size and success of the operation. You can also ask for pictures of the vehicles, or (even better) check them out in person.

License and insurance?

Safety counts when you are putting your buddies in the hands of a party bus company. Make sure the driver is licensed and insured and that the vehicles carry insurance as well.

Is a damage deposit required?

Some buses require it and others don’t. There may also be additional cleanup fees if your guests get too messy. Find out the policy up front so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises after your trip.

Special needs?

If anyone requires a bus that can accommodate special needs, ask about these accommodations directly. Don’t be satisfied with a blanket “handicap accessible” statement. Find out exactly how prepared the company is to make sure everyone in your party is comfortable throughout the experience.

Are refreshments included?

Most San Francisco party bus companies will include some refreshments on their vehicles. This may include soft drinks and bottle of water, or certain types of alcoholic beverages. Ask for a complete list to ensure you have everything you need onboard to keep the party going.

What can I bring?

Many groups like to bring their own snacks and refreshments along for the ride. In some cases, you might want to bring your own entertainment as well. Always ask about additions from home before bringing them onto the party bus.

Where do you go?

Many Bay area party bus companies will have set routes they follow for club hopping or city tours. Others will take you wherever you want to go. Find out how flexible the party bus will be with your itinerary before you hop onboard to avoid conflicts on the road.

What is your cancellation policy?

Hire a Party Bus For the Party Animal

While out clubbing on a weekend in the city you have probably often wondered why there are buses full of happy dancing people. Well they are actually party buses and if you don’t know what that is then you really need to educate yourself and read the rest of this article.

People hire a party bus for all kinds of reasons. For a birthday celebration, coming of age, hen and stag nights, bar mitzvah’s, proms, leaving do’s, and any other reason they can come up with to party really.

The great thing about a party bus is that none of you have to drive. Generally they should come with a chauffeur, or driver to you and me! They will pick people up, stop at the bars and clubs you want to go to, worry about the parking, and drop you all off again at the end of the night. Wouldn’t life be easy if we had one of them around all the time?

Some of these party buses are the height of luxury; it all depends on what you want to pay. The really big ones can hold up to 50 people and are equipped with all the latest gadgets. You’ll find plush seating arrangements as if you are in a real bar, plasma TV’s showing all the latest videos, high-tech sound systems and built-in bars. Who needs a nightclub?

Actually, many people choose to stay partying on the bus all evening, why should they pay the high entrance fees clubs demand these days when everything they need is all there on the luxury bus? If it is a big bus then there will be a designated area for dancing too. The extreme ones will even have smoke machines, disco lights, strobe lights, on-board restrooms, and stripper poles if you’re feeling up to it.

If you are paying for the works then drinks and refreshments will all be included in the price. If you can’t afford to splurge then just bring along your own bottles and DVD’s to play. The main advantage to holding a party in a luxury bus is that the party can go on and on even after you leave the nightclub. There’s no parking to worry about particularly if you are out in the city on a busy Saturday night, and parking fees and gas is all included.

If you are planning a night out for your work colleagues, then a luxury party bus can also be a great idea. The more people in your group party the cheaper it will be to hire the bus, also it’s the perfect solution to getting a large number of people to one destination at the same time.

An alternative to a party bus is to hire a luxury limousine for the night. Although you can’t really dance or stand up in a limo, it’s still possible to party! These are great for getting you around, having a few drinks in the back whilst on the way to different venues, and to get home safely at the end of the night. Mostly popular with wedding parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, limousine rental companies can provide specially customized limousines for most events. The luxury of a limousine will really make the night a special celebration and the interior can offer lots of party requirements such as a drinks cabinet, music and videos to watch.

There are companies that will decorate the car for you and include extras such as bottles of champagne or light finger food. Always ask the required questions and check what exactly you receive for the price you pay when making a booking.

Hiring a luxury limousine or a NJ party bus for your event will definitely get you into the good books. Check online for luxury limousines and companies that hire luxury party bus in your area and find something unique for your own particular celebration.

Hiring a Party Bus – Seeing Through Their Pitch

Hiring a party bus for a special occasion is a great alternative to getting a limo. Albeit it may cost a little more but the advantage is that, depending on the Atlanta party bus you rent, you can fit more people in to help split the bill. Plus having all your friends in one bus is a good time begging to happen.

There are a few things you should consider before hiring a party bus company though. While our fantastic city has more than a few to choose from, there are also more than a few companies that care more about how many corners they can cut to save on their bottom line. Beware the following pitches from party bus companies…

“We have a fully stocked bar.”

That’s great, but fully stocked with what? Do you really want to serve your guests some no name vodka that’s less than well quality and tastes more like paint thinner? What about that warm natty ice they have sitting in the tub at the back of the bus? I’m not saying the bar has to be stocked with top shelf booze but come on. Is it too much to ask that you should be able to swallow it without gagging and going glassy eyed? You’re paying good money for your Atlanta party bus and some of that money should help put some decent (digestible) liquor in the bar.

“Our package is all inclusive.”

Sure it is, until you go over your mileage. While you’re partying the night away you’re not realizing that you just drove out of the parameters of the package and you’re being charged per the mile! Check with the party bus company to see how many miles or how many hours are included in the party package and what happens if you want the bus for longer or if you go over the mileage?

“All our busses are fully equipped…see?”

Yes, that one bus they showed you was beautiful but what about the rest of their fleet? Many companies will show you their best bus to get you to sign on the dotted line and then send you some Sunday school looking van to pick you up. A bus and some beer does not a party bus make. Make sure you inspect the actual bus that you will be paying for.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Limousine?

Are you wondering if you should hire a limo for your upcoming event? If so, you are reading the right article. We will give you a few solid reasons why you should opt for one. Some people rent one to impress others on a special event. If you want to show style without sitting on the driving seat, we suggest that you go ahead and hire a limousine. If you have already made your mind, given below is a piece of advice that may help you.

Limos are of many types. Therefore, we suggest that you take your time and choose the right type and color. Apart from this, make sure you count the number of people who are going to go with you on the vehicle. This is important because you should have enough seats on the vehicle to accommodate everyone.

As soon as you have chosen a limo you need, your next move should be to read up on the rates of different providers in your area. You may have a lot of options to choose from, especially if you live in a popular city. And finding a good deal will be easier for you. As a general rule, prices will vary based on the model of the vehicle, number of seats and the accessories.

Once you have got the quotes from each provider, don’t forget to negotiate. What you need to do is ask for discount. Aside from this, you may want to ask about the freebies they may be offering. The good news is that you can read up on limo services on many websites.

Many people rent limos to pick up their VIP guests from airports. Some people use these luxury vehicles for weddings, birthdays and other special events. The majority of people have tons of joy and fun riding this type of vehicle. If you want to make your event memorable, we suggest that you choose a limousine service.

The fact of the matter is that special events give you a chance to do things in a different manner. A wedding is also a special occasion. You can hire this type of vehicle for the bride to arrive in. This will give her style and elegance.

Do you want to plan a special event for your loved ones? If so, hiring a limo is a great idea to make the evening romantic. As a matter of fact, arriving at an event in this type of luxury bus can create an impression that can’t be forgotten. You can impress your loved ones.

So, these are a few good reasons that you should rent a limo. This decision will offer style and elegance in addition to safety. However, you may want to keep in mind that hiring this type of vehicle may cost you a good deal of money. Most providers will charge you by the hour, meaning you should be ready to pay over $100 per hour to a reputable service. However, the cost won’t be a big problem if you are going to divide it among several other guests.